Survey of product search habits on e-commerce websites, 2024 edition

Survey of product search habits on e-commerce websites, 2024 edition

Great news! Sensefuel has published the results of the seventh edition of its survey of product search habits on e-commerce websites, and invites you to explore the major developments highlighted.

These insightful studies have guided our development over the past seven years, and we hope they will do the same for you! Indeed, an in-depth understanding of the market and consumers' search habits is a prerequisite for any sustainable e-commerce strategy, promoting an optimal customer experience to boost sales.

Through a survey carried out last January, involving 1,292 people in the three largest European e-commerce markets - France, Germany and the UK - Sensefuel has gathered precise data that will enable you to make rapid progress in understanding the consumer; to find out what motivates them and what holds them back when they visit a merchant site.

This seventh edition reveals that 67% of consumers expect their e-commerce site to have understood their tastes and desires and to personalise its display accordingly.

This edition also shows that there are still many areas for optimisation when it comes to searching for products on e-commerce sites.


What are consumers' expectations when it comes to product research? We invite you to take a look at the answers of the consumers we surveyed, by downloading this new 2024 edition!

This document will also give you access to a wealth of other information that is essential for improving the customer experience on your e-commerce site. Immerse yourself in these facts and figures and draw your own conclusions!